So Who Races Boats Anyway?

The short answer? Anyone can race boats! Children as young as 9-years-old may begin their racing careers with us. J Hydroplanes (JH) and J Runabouts (JR) are powered by 15-horsepower Mercury or OMC engines, and have a top speed in the low 40-MPH range. This is where many of today's top drivers got their start. Junior drivers range in age from 9 to 16.

The "Stepping Stone" class in the Junior Category is AX, which is slightly faster and more challenging. Boats reach top speeds in the low-50-MPH range. Drivers ages 12 and up (including adults) may participate in the AX class; both in hydroplane and runabout.

Stock Outboard classes, for the most part, follow the alphabet from "A" to "D" (with 20SS, 25SS, 302SS, and 45SST sprinkled in just for good measure), and race both hydroplane and runabout hulls. The A Class is the smallest and lightest class. The 15-HP engines produce speeds in the mid-50-MPH range. The "D" is the largest and fastest class, utilizing 50-HP engines and producing speeds in the high-80-MPH range.

2019 Race Schedule

Marine Racing Club conducts races with our partnering club in Wisconsin; Badger State Outboard Association (BSOA). Together, our clubs host the best races in the Northern Illinois/Southern-Central Wisconsin region.

  • May 18-19 — Pell Lake, Wisconsin — BSOA
  • June 8-9 — Phantom Lake, Wisconsin — BSOA
  • June 29-30 — Rock Falls, Illinois — MRC
    • FREE testing Friday, June 28.
  • July 6-7 — Springfield, Ohio — MRC
    • Stock and Modified Divisionals.
  • July 21-28 — Wakefield, Michigan — BSOA
    • Stock and Junior Nationals.
  • Aug. 31-Sept. 1 — Oshkosh, Wisconsin — BSOA
  • Sept. 14-15 — Beloit, Wisconsin — MRC