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APBA Minor Insurance Waivers

If parent(s) or legal guardian(s) cannot accompany their minor child(ren) to a race, APBA insurance requires that the parent(s)/legal guardian(s) complete an original Minor Insurance Waiver to be submitted by a responsible party at registration for said minor child(ren). Please note that one waiver must be completed for each minor (any person under the age of 18), and that the waiver(s) submitted must be original (not photocopies), printed in color, not be folded, signed in blue or black ink, and be notarized by a duly authorized Notary Public. Waiver(s) is/are valid only for specified race/sanction period, and original waiver(s) must be completed and submitted for every race minor(s) will be attending. Questions regarding the Minor Insurance Waiver should be directed to APBA.

APBA Minor Insurance Waiver
for all states BUT Florida
(2-page PDF)
APBA Minor Insurance Waiver
(1-page PDF)

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2023 Race Schedule

Marine Racing Club conducts races with our partnering club in Wisconsin; Badger State Outboard Association (BSOA). Together, our clubs host the best races in the northern Illinois/southern-central Wisconsin region.

Note: This year's race schedule may still be affected/altered by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. We will keep everyone apprised of any changes here as well as via email messaging and on our Facebook page.

  • May 20-21 — Phantom Lake, Wisconsin — BSOA.
  • June 10-11 — Danville, Illinois — MRC.
    • Setup, racing school and free testing Friday, June 9.
  • Aug. 1-5 — Stock, Modified, Junior Nationals, Wakefield, Michigan — BSOA.
  • Aug. 26-27 — Rock Falls, Illinois — MRC.
    • Setup, racing school and free testing Friday, Aug. 25.
  • Sept. 9-10 — Beloit, Wisconsin — MRC.